Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems

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The Ductless Mini-split HVAC systems are a proven to be discreet, efficient and easily installed solution for homes, home renovations/additions and commercial spaces. But a great system means nothing without the proper installation.

Your Heat and Air Guy takes pride in the excellent service it provides to its customers and now in being the go-to team for commercial and residential Ductless Mini-Split HVAC systems. Schedule an appointment to learn how Your Heat and Air Guy and the Ductless HVAC system may enhance your heating and cooling experience in your home or office. Your Heat and Air Guy technicians have been NCI and are fully licensed in the state of Iowa.

Discreet, efficient and easily installed are three words that describe, ductless or mini-split HVAC systems. The major highlight of this system is its namesake. Without the use of bulky ductwork, ductless HVAC systems heat and cool both commercial and residential spaces quietly and efficiently with less maintenance and worry.

A two-part system, the ductless HVAC system has an outside unit and multiple indoor units, called blowers. Using thin, easily veiled copper tubing, refrigerant is pumped from the outside unit directly to blowers inside to cool your house in the summer. In the winter, the unit works in reverse by absorbing heat from outside and transferring it indoors to heat your home.

With one blower per room, the ductless system turns on and off as needed by each room. Moreover, each room has its own temperature control, thus allowing residents to heat and cool the most commonly used areas of the house, taking zoning to a whole new level and resulting in efficient cooling and heating year-round. The blowers, stylish and sleek , can be mounted to the wall, placed on the floor (similar to radiators) or, in a commercial setting, placed in the ceiling.

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Advantages of a Mini-Split system
  • Lower installation costs
  • The benefits of an Energy Star Qualified System
  • Energy rebates
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less annual maintenance

Your Heat and Air Guy is the go to team in Fort Madison, Iowa and surrounding area for residential installation of ductless HVAC systems. Schedule an appointment for service online or to find out more about how ductless systems may enhance your heating and cooling needs.